We Make Calls Happen


TikTakTalk is aiming to improve the customer experience when calling and reduce network overload during rush hours/ peak usage. It improves customer’s satisfaction and reduces churn. iChoozU is an emerging Israeli Telco startup company with a patented (pending) breakthrough technology that improves dramatically the call success rate in critical situations. It also offers new types of services via TikTakTalk platform such as reverse billing to the receipient without the 1-800 heavy charges. And all this before we talked about the amounts of data, and Big Data at our disposal, a unique technology that does not require servers, is independent within the network Technologies, does not require any hardware or software installation on the cellular network infrastructure, working between different operators, does not require technological cooperation with operators . Does not cannibalize the profits and increases profits significantly TikTakTalk Transfers calls to the network only when their chance to be carried out is close to 100 percent.