SeeIT, WantIT, getIT


We are a visual search, image recognition company for Fashion. That means that:
Publishers can transform their looker into a shopper
Retailers can keep their shopper shopping
Smart Device Manufacture and Social Networks can now enable See it, Want it, Own it

The idea of visual search for fashion is not new but technology has not been able to deliver instant, consistently credible results without human editing or verbal tagging. And human intervention is slow, unaffordable, and most importantly un-scalable.
So, what makes us special:
1. An instantaneous, automated real time Search response against millions of similar items
2. Consistent fashion-credible matching with 90%+ accuracy after relatively small data-learning.
3. Technically, what we have developed goes beyond Deep Learning.
4. Our algorithm is re-calibrated as trends evolve.
5. Our algorithms require no textual tags and can therefore be applied to real-world social media / ‘snap’ fashion as well as catalogue images.
5. Our functionality has ecommerce applications therefore in B2C as well as B2B, because it works equally well applied to highly complex ‘real world’ images as well as catalogue images.