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sPARK is an Israeli startup, supported by the Israeli Chief Scientist, bringing an innovative solution to a global urban problem: how to easily find an ideal parking spot in the busy city.
It is a disruptive scalable smart parking platform, which allows for a seamless and efficient parking experience for drivers, and allow smart cities to improve their transportation systems and accessibility, making living and visiting the city much more convenient. sPARK uniqueness is mainly about being able to take control over the whole parking process end-to-end: starting from the navigation to the last mile, continuing by providing a custom route to find parking on-street or off-street, and ending with parking-lots information, parking general indicators such as parking restrictions and payment. sPARK’s goal is to provide this overview, while constantly optimizing and managing the overall user time and distance from target. Following sPARK’s recent success in the Israeli market (TLV & Jerusalem), they have launched, successfully, Polly (the app) in Paris this April.