Intelligent Solutions

save costs

Business and Finance

Intelligent Solutions provides services and platform to mobile operator in order to gain revenues or save costs in unique models of Revenue share, OPEX and more.

CBM – campaign balance manager – Business intelligent analyzing customer behavior and “Ride” on service messages (Check balance, Top-up, Low data) to offer unique promotions and service for the specific user
SOS Credit – Micro loan for Prepaid subscribers with unique risk analysis mechanism

Dynamix – SIM personalize activation – platform enable the subscribe to control his provisioning process and choose preferences such as language, MSISDN, Plan and more…

Star Number – provide short numbers such as *111, *234, *Cola, *777 to business and boost the number of leads
Roaming suite – handle common mistakes by Roamers and boost roaming revenues in 5-10%

Ring Back Tone – The best music application for mobile operator, state of the art solutions including Mobile app, Facebook app and high customers subscription to service – A-Z handling include solution deployment, support and maintance and marketing campaigns and subscription generating