• CityApp

    Safety. Lifestyle. Wellbe

  • SuperUp

    Shopping Made Easy

  • Product Camera

    Grow your sales

  • Camera51

    a smarter camera

  • Trendit

    People. Locations.Trends

  • Tukuoro

    Just Talk

  • WonderVoice

    Apps Voice Control

  • PowerXtend

    Xtend your battery life

  • Phone IVR

    Unique Visual IVR

  • MyState

    To Know Before You Dial

  • Humavox

    Wireless Power Technology

  • Clock2go

    Field Personal App

  • ai.type

    Smart Android Keyboard

  • Dumpster

    A Recycle Bin for Android


    Total Device Care

  • Web2go

    Listen To Any Website

  • Cam Me

    Mobile Hand Gesture

  • Ginger

    Write High-Quality text

  • TikTakTalk

    We Make Calls Happen

Transportation, Travelling & Navigation

  • BAZZ

    Safe Connectivity

  • AppsMapper

    Travel Smarter

  • Polly

    your parking fairy

  • Hi-Park

    Visual Parking Navigation

  • Inpris

    Sightless Touch For Drive

  • Pango

    Mobile Parking Payment

  • EverNav

    FirefoxOS GPS navigation

  • TourPal

    Worldwide TravelGuide

  • Anagog Park

    Helping you Find Parking

Entertainment, Life Style & Social

  • Product Camera

    Grow your sales

  • Camera51

    a smarter camera

  • Visualizr

    Pocket a digital magazine

  • SmartVOD

    Premium Content Services

  • Comigo

    Multi-screen solution

  • SureMote

    Universal Remote Control

  • Vivo Text

    eBook to audiobook

  • MyRoll

    Photo Gallery re-invented

  • Magisto

    Make Beautiful Movies

  • mBox Music

    Music Platform

  • Wibbitz

    News in Video Summary

  • TVPoint

    Internet Video Channels

  • FlixUniverse

    Movie streaming (VOD)

  • Facetune

    Portrait Photo Editing

  • Latto


  • VBox@TV

    Broadcast Live TV to IP

  • Homage

    Video Co-Creation

  • MyLeisure

    Maximize Your Free Time

  • Slidely

    Show Movie Maker



    Kid Mode: TV & Games

  • SpeakingPal


  • LearnEnglish

    English learning game

  • BondiPlanets

    Parent And Child Bonding

  • Vivo Text

    eBook to audiobook


  • Moodies

    Analyzing Emotions

  • BreezoMeter

    Real Time Air Quality

  • MobileCliniQ

    Mobile Health monitoring

  • Dario

    Diabetes App

  • PetPace

    Monitoring Pets Signs

  • SleepRate

    Total Sleep Therapy Solut

Business and Finance

  • Intelligent Sol

    save costs

  • Clarisite

    Your Customer’s EyeView

  • SuperCom

    SuperCom Digital Wallet

  • TurnkeyLogin

    One-step login security

  • Compliance+

    Call and SMS records

  • CloudIUS

    Telecom Cloud Solutions

  • Jacada

    Visualization menu interf

  • keeprz

    Smart Loyalty Platform

  • FinaGate

    Mobile Financial Services

  • Mximo Mobile

    B2B mobile solutions


    Enterprise mobile solutio

  • Shoplace

    Create Mobile Business Ap

  • MyCheck

    Mobile Payment App

  • Cellrox

    BYOD Personal Solutions

  • Clock2go

    Field Personal App

  • Pronto SDK

    Free contactless payment

  • Pick'n'Tell

    Full channel marketing

  • Tipranks

    Securities analyst rankin

  • Scanovate

    Multifunction OCR

Smart Home

  • Cloud of Things

    Branded IoT Solutions

  • WeR@Home

    We.R solution mobile app

  • SureMote

    Universal Remote Control

  • GreenIQ

    Your Home Got Smarter


  • Skycure

    Enterprise MobileSecurity

  • MyPermissions

    Protect Your Privacy!

  • Musketeer

    Help anywhere, anytime.

  • Mobiwol

    Cyber Security Solution

  • IsItYou

    Mobile Identity


    World’s 1st Mobile IPS

  • Lacoon

    Mobile Security Solution

  • Mobile PKI

    Authentication & Signatur

  • Reporty

    The Social Safe City

  • SafeDK

    Mobile In-App Protection

  • SecuredTouch

    Behavioral Analysis SDK

  • SkypeShield

    Securing Skype for Busine

  • Vaulto

    Mobile Device Security



    Real Time Point&Buy Ad

  • Sodyo

    Interact with everything

  • WakingApp

    Augmented Reality

  • winkapp

    Link print to digital

  • iDTV

    Interactive realtime TVsy

  • MCE Media

    InStoreMobileApp loading

  • justAd

    Mobile Media Advertising


    Sites Recommendation

  • Best Reader

    All Things Possible

  • Dotless VQR

    All things possible

  • AppCloud

    The Gateway to Content Di

  • Supersonic

    One powerful SDK

  • Mobitech

    Innovative Monetization

Voice, Messaging

  • Mantu

    A New Code of Communicati

  • Nuro

    Secure Messenger


    CALLUP seamless VoWi-Fi

  • MobilityPLUS

    Enterprise Communication

  • Lexifone

    Auto in-call interpreter

  • MailWise

    Clear&Friendly Email

  • BeeHD

    Voice and Video Client

  • i-Choose

    Better Calls,No radiation

  • Zalalo

    The Most Efficient VoIP

  • Glide

    Video Texting

  • E2C

    Smartphone for seniors

  • TeleMessage

    Secure Mobile Messaging